Application of extinction agent


Furniture and decorative coatings are the most widely used, accounting for more than half of the total amount of silica in Asia, according to Degaussa.  

The resin that furniture and adornment coating use is polyester, polyurethane, gather propionic acid to wait more, its glossiness is tall.  Using micron synthetic silica and a small amount of powder wax, the gloss is reduced to 50%~60%, improve the decorative, soft gloss, rich hand feel, by the user's love.  From the point of view of environmental protection, it meets the physiological health requirements of the human body, not easy to cause eye fatigue.  Hospitals and large computer rooms use matte floor paint, soft light, to create a quiet and comfortable environment provides favorable conditions.  

Large signboard panel, traffic signs, such as the need to resist flashing film surface, the general use of matte paint, is for the purpose of safety.  Military equipment and facilities, such as military vehicles, tanks, armored vehicles, radar and large artillery, use extinction paint for concealment and security.  

In order to increase the adhesion of the coating, matte coatings are sometimes used, such as the bottom and middle coatings of automobiles.  Additional, cover imperfect coating, cover its use coating blemish and base material itself blemish also is one of the purposes that use extinction agent.