What is Fertilizer Additive? What is its function?


Fertilizer additives, used to improve fertilizer performance, promote fertilizer efficiency, decompose residual pesticides, nitrates, and chemicals that improve the soil environment.

The role of Fertilizer Additive
1. Used to improve fertilizer performance and promote fertilizer efficiency;
2. It can decompose residual pesticides, nitrates, and agrochemicals to improve the soil environment, purify and repair the soil, improve the soil ecological environment, decompose organic matter to increase the content of soil organic matter, and extracellular polysaccharides can promote the formation and stability of soil aggregate structure and break compaction. Improve the physical shape, increase fertility, turn thin fields into fertile soil, and improve the sustainable production capacity of the soil; it continuously releases the nutrient elements solidified by the soil to supply plant growth needs;

Precautions for Fertilizer Additive
1. It is necessary to clarify the purpose of the mixed use of pesticides;
2. Strictly use concentration;