Introduction to the characteristics of the Humidity Indicator


The Humidity Indicator is made from fine-pored silica gel (pore size 2-3nm, specific surface area above 600㎡/g) as the carrier, and cobalt chloride (molecular formula: CoCl2) is combined on the surface of the internal pores of the color-changing silicone rubber through certain process steps.

The main component of the Humidity Indicator is cobalt chloride, which is highly toxic and has a strong adsorption effect on water vapor in the air. At the same time, it can display different colors by changing the amount of cobalt chloride crystal water contained. The blue color before moisture absorption gradually turns into light red with the increase of moisture absorption.

Silica gel has strong moisture absorption capacity, so it should be stored in a dry place with a shelf between the package and the ground. Packaging materials include steel drums, paper drums, cartons, plastic bottles, polyethylene plastic composite bags, flexible container bags, etc. Avoid rain, damp and sun during transportation.