Storage Environment of Silica Gel Desiccant


Storage environment of silica gel desiccant
1. The desiccant must be stored in a cool and dry place. It also needs to be fireproof, anti-theft, moisture-proof and waterproof.
2. Check whether the floor or floor of the storage warehouse is clean and free of water. If there is water or damp on the ground, it should be cleaned and dried immediately, and stored in a warehouse. The ground should not be too damp. Otherwise, the stacked cargo cartons are easily damp.
3. Take adequate moisture-proof measures: for example, do not put the desiccant directly on the floor of the warehouse (it is better to have a tray and a plastic sheet between the desiccant and the ground to separate). Check the storage environment of the warehouse to ensure that the doors, windows, walls, and ceilings are well sealed, free of leaks, and clean. All doors and windows are kept closed during non-operating hours, etc.
4. The desiccant storage warehouse should pay attention to whether the prevention and control of rodents, termites and other pests are effective. Please keep the environment of the desiccant storage warehouse clean, pollution-free, and clean up garbage and dust in time.
5. When conditions permit, the warehouse's constant temperature and humidity control is the best. The requirements for temperature and humidity are: temperature 25℃±5℃, humidity 60%±5%. Keep the warehouse door closed during non-operating hours in the constant temperature and humidity warehouse, and close the door when personnel enter and exit the constant temperature and humidity warehouse. Personnel are not allowed to walk around the storage area at will.
6. When using the tray, please check whether the tray is dry, and do not use the tray with high humidity. The standard moisture content should not exceed 22%, and the moisture content can be detected by a humidity detector.
7. When stacking the desiccant, please pay attention to it neatly, firmly, and in a straight line. The desiccant should not be close to walls or pillars. Please keep a sufficient distance. Generally, the distance between the desiccant and the wall and pillar is 0.3 to 0.5 meters. The desiccant can block fire-fighting equipment such as fire hydrants. The desiccant should be stacked reasonably, clearly planned, and placed neatly, and it is not allowed to occupy the logistics and pedestrian passages.
8. The stacking of goods shall not be over-high or over-pressured. Do not put the arrow mark upside down to prevent damage to the product packaging.
9. Do not store together with volatile substances.
10. Try not to stack the goods near doors and windows, because in a relatively sealed warehouse environment, moisture and strong light from the outside invade from the doors and windows first. No light or radiation, etc.; keep tightly closed and do not directly contact with air.
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