Precautions for Using Desiccant


Precautions for using desiccant
Desiccant is also called absorbent. It is used to prevent moisture and mildew, and has a drying effect. Desiccant is a kind of dewatering agent that absorbs moisture from the atmosphere. Its drying principle is to physically adsorb water molecules in its own structure or chemically absorb water molecules and change its chemical structure to become another one. substance. Use in a small environment: The desiccant is placed directly in a bottle, can or other closed pouch to keep the items in the small environment dry. Used in a medium environment: the desiccant is used directly in the packaged carton to avoid moisture in the package. Use in a large environment: the desiccant is directly used in similar warehouses and containers to achieve the purpose of controlling the humidity in the large environment.
1. Be careful not to react between the dried substance and the desiccant. Simply put, acidic desiccants cannot be used for alkaline substances, and alkaline desiccants cannot be used for acidic substances.
2. Pay attention to the safety of the desiccant. Generally speaking, the desiccant must not contain harmful substances, especially the desiccant used for food and medicine.
3. Pay attention to the adsorption capacity of the desiccant, if it has expired or the adsorption capacity is poor, it will definitely affect the purpose of use.
4. Make sure that the desiccant is used in a relatively sealed environment, so as to better achieve the purpose of drying and moisture-proof.
5. Make sure that the amount of desiccant is sufficient.
6. Make sure that the outer packaging paper of the desiccant is not damaged and not easily damaged.