Advantages of Tofu Cat Litter


Advantages of tofu cat litter
Cat litter is a must-have item in the life of kittens, and kittens use it every time they go to the toilet. The appearance of cat litter makes it more convenient for feeders to take care of kittens. After kittens go to the toilet, we only need to remove the dirty cat litter and replace the cat litter regularly. There are all kinds of cat litter on the market, and the performance of different materials is also different.
Tofu cat litter is not like tofu, this is just its name. Tofu cat litter is shaped like a slender cylinder. Tofu cat litter has better performance. It can quickly agglomerate, has good water absorption, and can effectively gather the cat's excrement together. Because it is easier to assemble, feeders can easily find excrement and clean them out. Tofu cat litter can effectively reduce the possibility of kittens taking the cat litter out of the litter box. Even if it is taken out, it is relatively small, and it is not easy to break, and it is more convenient for the feeder to clean it.
The excrement of kittens has a certain smell. Feeding animals should pay attention to air problems. After animals have peculiar smells, it is easy to fill the living environment with unpleasant smells. The fecal smell of kittens is relatively large, but this cat litter has good odor absorption and can reduce the odor of excrement. It can reduce the emission of excrement odor, which is conducive to the maintenance of environmental sanitation.
The raw materials of tofu cat litter do not harm the health of kittens. The main material of animal cat litter is tofu residue or some other plant fibers, without too many other ingredients.
Because the ingredients in tofu cat litter are mostly natural, it is safer. Some kittens may accidentally eat cat litter when they use cat litter for the first time. When using tofu cat litter, don’t worry too much about eating problems. The ingredients in tofu cat litter will not pose a threat to the health of kittens.
Tofu cat litter is easier to dispose of after use. Some people feel a headache to dispose of the used cat litter. It is troublesome to collect and throw away. Tofu cat litter is completely unnecessary. Tofu cat litter is soluble in water. We can flush the used cat litter along the toilet.
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