What is the main ingredient of desiccant?


Silica gel, is one of the most used desiccant in life, white silica gel, discoloration indication silica gel. White silica gel is ordinary silica gel, we can not detect before and after the use of silica gel, color indication is used before and after the color will be different, and in different humidity display different colors. Like blue to pink, but this one contains cobalt, so it is not recommended for our daily use, it is basically used in transformers. There are orange to dark green, this does not contain cobalt, daily use has no impact. In addition, there is a kind of orange to light green, super beautiful, only we can do. If you like, you can visit our wiselive Levi's tmall flagship store.

In addition, molecular sieve desiccant, because the effect is very good at low temperature environment, generally our life is not used, and there are many molecular sieve aperture, such as 13X molecular sieve.

Let's talk about calcium chloride desiccant, the main ingredient in the most dehumidifying bags many of us buy, which becomes a liquid solution saturated with calcium chloride after absorbing moisture. Hygroscopic ability is still good, like our home also have to study their own formula, add some other ingredients, let the hygroscopic calcium chloride into gelation, like jelly, the most special product in our home is dual-use dehumidification box.

Finally, there is magnesium chloride, this component of the desiccant hygroscopic also has obvious characteristics, will become super hard, hygroscopic ability is very strong, used in industry more, such as car headlights, etc. There are also in our life, our dry treasure paste is the desiccant of this ingredient.

These are the main ingredients of desiccant. If you are interested, you can also go to our Tmall store and Wiselive Flagship store to have a look. We have many different types of desiccant products.